ly accepted by all A

SEAN Member States.v. On freedom and s


6. China is committed to

ensure unimpeded ac▓cess to and safety of the sea lanes in the South Chin▓a Sea and made important contribution to this collective endeavor. The freedom of navigation and overflight enjoyed by all states in the South China▓ Sea under international law has never been a p

roblem.138. China has ▓actively provided international public goods and made every effort to provide services, suc▓h as navigation and navigational aids, search and rescue, as well as sea conditions and meteorological forecast, through capacity building in various areas, so as to uphold and promote the s▓afety of sea lanes in the South China Sea.139. China maintains that▓, when exercising freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea, relev

ant parties shall fully respect the sovereignty an

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September 12, 2012

d security interests of coastal states and abide ▓by the laws and regulations enacted by coastal states in acc▓ordance with UNCLOS and other rules of international On jointly upholding peace and stability in

the South China Sea140. China maintains that peace and sta

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September 9, 2012

bility in the South China Sea should be jointly upheld by China and ASEAN Member States.141. China pursues peaceful development and adhere▓s to a defense policy that is defensive in nature. China champions a new se▓c

urity vision featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equalit


ith ASEAN Memb

y and c▓oordination, and pursues a foreign policy of building friendship and partnership with its neighbors and of fostering an amicable, secure and p▓rosperous neighborhood based on the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness. China is a staunch force for uphol

ding peace and stability and advancing cooperation and development


er States to

in the▓ South China Sea. China is committed to strengthening good-neighborliness and promoting practical cooperation with its neighbors and regional org▓anizations including ASEAN to deliver mutual benefit.142. The South China Sea is a bridge of communication and a bond of peace, frie

ndship, cooperation and development between China and its neighbor